I play bass guitar and keyboards, and sing. Occasionally I dabble in drums and guitar. From age 12 on, I have occasionally recorded home demos of my homemade pop songs and instrumental musings, and made the odd recording with my bands.

The very last demo of my own music ever recorded. I intended to do a guitar solo where I repeat the second verse, but the lyric change I did during the guide/scratch vocal was fun enough that I just left it and neither recorded a good vocal track nor a guitar solo.

One of my "voicemail" songs (written to leave as a message for someone), and a 30-minute effort I'm particularly proud of.

Always popular at open mic. I was fond of this song until someone pointed out that my chorus uses some of the same lyrics as a Don Henley song I'd never heard.

My best-known song.

A song about having a crush on a diner waitress.

An example of my minimalist, trio-format period.

A chiptune-like mashup of Beethoven, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and James Brown.

The extended cut of a ringtone I composed in 11th grade. It has a lot of polyphony and rhythmic complexity constraints imposed by the Motorola phone it was originally written for. Notice how none of the drum hits happen simultaneously.

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